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Psychology 10th Edition By Wade Tavris-Test Bank

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Exam Solutions For Psychology 10th Edition By Wade Tavris

ISBN-10: 0205711464, ISBN-13: 978-0205711468

Chapter 1 – Quick Quiz 1

1. Psychology can be described as the field concerned with:
a. understanding and treating mental disorders.
b. exploring the mind, its nature, and functions.
c. studying behavior and mental processes influenced by an organism’s physical and mental condition, and external surroundings.
d. comprehending people and relationships.

2. A key trait of critical thinkers is:
a. the recognition of the equal validity of all opinions.
b. the readiness to engage in robust debates on idea validity.
c. the acknowledgment that judgment of opinions and ideas is unsuitable.
d. the endorsement of intuition as a legitimate source of ideas.

3. In contrast to present-day psychologists, prominent thinkers of the past:
a. depended on observations rooted in anecdotal evidence and individual case descriptions.
b. aimed to depict, predict, comprehend, and influence behavior.
c. heavily relied on empirical data.
d. sought to understand the motivations behind people’s actions.

4. _______________ was the pioneer in establishing the inaugural psychological laboratory in 1879.
a. Joseph Gall c. William James
b. John Locke d. Wilhelm Wundt

5. _______________ stressed the significance of behavior’s purpose over its analysis and elucidation.
a. Structuralism c. Humanism
b. Functionalism d. Behaviorism

6. _______________ laid the groundwork for psychoanalysis.
a. Sigmund Freud c. Wilhelm Wundt
b. William James d. E. B. Titchener

7. Which contemporary perspective focuses on reasoning, memory, language comprehension, and problem-solving?
a. the learning perspective c. the sociocultural perspective
b. the cognitive perspective d. the psychodynamic perspective

8. An influential movement in psychology that originated in the 1960s, rejecting psychoanalysis and behaviorism, was:
a. the evolutionary perspective. c. humanism.
b. the feminist movement. d. Gestalt psychology.

9. _______________ is the least acknowledged and understood facet of psychology by the general public.
a. Consulting c. Teaching
b. Research d. Therapy

10. In nearly all states, a _______________ is mandatory to secure a license for practicing clinical psychology.
a. doctorate c. medical degree
b. master’s degree d. certificate from a psychoanalytic institute
Chapter 1 – Quick Quiz 1
Answer Key


1. c Rationale: Psychology is the discipline concerned with all aspects of animal and human behavior and mental processes. (Page 4, Factual)

2. b Rationale: Critical thinkers must be willing to debate ideas and to judge opinions. They must be aware of the importance of relying on empirical evidence rather than intuition. (Pages 6-7, Factual)

3. a Rationale: Great thinkers of the past tended to rely on anecdotes and
descriptions of individual cases rather than empirical evidence, but they were
similar to modern psychologists in wanting to describe, predict, understand, and
modify behavior and wanting to know what motivated behavior. (Page 15,

4. d Rationale: Wilhelm Wundt is referred to as the father of modern, scientific psychology because he established the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig in 1879. (Page 15, Factual)

5. b Rationale: Functionalism emphasized the purpose of behavior, whereas
structuralism examined the basic elements of the mind. (Page 17, Conceptual)

6. a Rationale: Sigmund Freud was the founder of the field of psychoanalysis.
(Page 18, Factual)

7. b Rationale: The cognitive perspective focuses on understanding the processes the mind uses to know and understand the world. (Page 19, Factual)
% correct 67 a=7 b= 67 c= 7 d= 20 r = .21

8. c Rationale: Humanism emerged in the 1960s in reaction to the pessimism of psychoanalysis and the mechanistic views of behaviorism. (Pages 20-21 Factual )

9. b Rationale: Research is the professional activity of psychologists that is least understood by the public according to Ludy Benjamin. (Page 24, Factual)

10. a Rationale: Most U.S. states require a doctoral degree to be licensed as a psychologist. (Page 25, Factual)

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Psychology 10th Edition By Wade Tavris-Test Bank
Psychology 10th Edition By Wade Tavris-Test Bank

Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $18.97.

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