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Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank

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Assessment of Progressed Practice Nursing in the Care of Senior Citizens By Laurie Kennedy

ISBN-10: 0803666616, ISBN-13: 9780803666610

Chapter 1: Aging Transformations

Multiple Choice
Find the most appropriate option that finishes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. The primary consequence of the physiological modifications that arise with aging is:
A. Diminished physiological reserves
B. Decreased homeostatic mechanisms
C. Compromised immunological responses
D. All of the above

____ 2. The most reliable evidence concerning typical physiological aging is accessible via:
A. Randomized controlled clinical trials
B. Cross-sectional studies
C. Longitudinal studies
D. Case control studies

____ 3. Every statement about lab values in elderly persons is correct EXCEPT:
A. Reference ranges are preferable
B. Abnormal outcomes are frequently linked to physiological aging
C. Normal ranges might not be suitable for older adults
D. Reference values are not automatically acceptable values

____ 4. Biochemical individuality can be best defined as:
A. An individual’s variations are often significantly wider than those of a larger group
B. The distinct biochemical profile of a specific population
C. The genuinely “normal” individual within an average range
D. An individual’s variations are often substantially narrower than those of a larger group

____ 5. Polypharmacy can be defined as the consumption of:
A. Over nine medications daily
B. Over five medications daily
C. Even a single medication without a clear indication for its use
D. When a medication is given to counteract the side effect of another drug

____ 6. Age-related pharmacokinetic changes reflect:
A. The impact of the drug on the body
B. The body’s effect on the drug
C. The impact at the action site, the timing, and the intensity of the drug
D. The side effects commonly correlated with the drug

____ 7. Every statement regarding drug absorption that is FALSE includes:
A. Antacids boost the bioavailability of digitalis
B. Gastric acidity declines with age
C. Anticholinergics enhance colonic motility
D. Underlying chronic conditions have minimal impact on drug absorption

____ 8. Every statement concerning drug distribution in the aged population that is TRUE involves EXCEPT:
A. Drugs that distribute in water have diminished concentration
B. Drugs distributed in fat portray less intense and more prolonged effects
C. Highly protein-bound drugs have higher potential for triggering adverse drug reactions
D. The quickest way to deliver a drug to the action site is via inhalation

____ 9. Men have faster and more efficient drug biotransformations due to:
A. Lower obesity rates compared to women
B. Prostate enlargement
C. Testosterone levels
D. Lower estrogen levels compared to women

____ 10. The cytochrome p system typically includes enzymes that are:
A. Suppressed by drugs
B. Stimulated by drugs
C. Either suppressed or stimulated by drugs
D. Associated with diminished liver perfusion

____ 11. An incorrect statement concerning pharmacodynamics changes related to aging is that:
A. Decreased sensitivity to oral anticoagulants occurs
B. Increased sensitivity to drugs affecting the central nervous system is noted
C. Drug response can be influenced by the patient’s activity level
D. There is a reduced sensitivity to beta blockers

____ 12. Unusual disease presentations in the elderly do NOT commonly include:
A. Infection without a fever
B. Depression without a dysphoric mood
C. Myocardial infarction with chest pain and diaphoresis
D. Cardiac indications of thyroid ailments

____ 13. The most reliable method for evaluating functional abilities is through:
A. Self-reported functionality
B. Observed functional assessments
C. A comprehensive head-to-toe exam
D. Family-based functionality reports

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Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank
Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults By Laurie KennedyTest Bank

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $34.97.

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