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Conceptual Physics 12th edition by Paul G. Hewitt -Test Bank

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Discover Bank For Conceptual Physics 12e by Paul G. Hewitt

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9352861779
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9352861774

Intended for Physics Programs designed for students not majoring in science. Paul Hewitt’s pioneering work in establishing this course three decades ago still sets the standard for comparison with other educational resources. Paul Hewitt, in the Twelfth Edition of Conceptual Physics, succeeds in making physics stimulating, understandable, and pertinent to non-science students. This edition promises to engage students with informative and entertaining Hewitt-Drew-It videos, updated content, and applications. Hewitt’s approach prioritizes “principles before calculations” and is recognized for captivating students with comparisons and visualizations from everyday life that foster a solid conceptual grasp of physical theories ranging from classical mechanics to contemporary physics. This curriculum offers an improved educational experience for both you and your students. Prepare for lectures: NEW! Delve into 100 Hewitt-Drew-It videos, designed and narrated by Paul Hewitt, to elucidate physics principles through animated demonstrations and narrations. The stimulating new videos, accessible via QR codes in the textbook, enable students to actively engage with the physics principles beyond the classroom. Foster an enjoyable physics experience: The narrative is relevant and approachable, analogies drawn from real-world situations, and straightforward depictions of the underlying mathematical relationships make physics more appealing to students. Develop a solid conceptual grasp of physics: Through practice and problem-solving in the text, students attain a thorough understanding of physics. Features that render physics enjoyable NEW! Updated applications are now available on digital technology, the environment, and energy. In today’s world, these topics are at the forefront of public awareness, and a sound understanding of their scientific bases can lead to better decision-making in the political arena. NEW! A fresh interior design enhances the visual appeal and accessibility of the text, modernizing a traditional resource to further enhance student-friendliness. An extensive full-color illustration and photograph collection incorporates the author’s distinctive cartoons, which are both approachable and instructional. Engaging and simple projects involve students in the scientific process of exploration and observation. Insight boxes offer quick nuggets of information on how topics in the text relate to real-life scenarios, experiments, and other elements of the book. Expanded coverage of subjects in energy and environment are integrated to keep students informed about current affairs. Table of Contents
I. About Science
1. Mechanics
2. Newton’s First Law of Motion: Inertia
3. Linear Motion
4. Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Force and Acceleration
5. Newton’s Third Law of Motion: Action and Reaction
6. Momentum
7. Power
8. Rotational Motion
9. Gravity
10. Projectile and Satellite Motion
II. Properties of Matter
11. Atomic Nature of Matter
12. Solids
13. Liquids
14. Gases and Plasmas
III. Heat
15. Temperature, Heat and Expansion
16. Heat Transfer
17. Change of Phase
18. Thermodynamics
IV. Sound
19. Vibrations and Waves
20. Sound
21. Musical Sounds
V. Electricity and Magnetism
22. Electrostatics
23. Electrical Current
24. Magnetism
25. Electromagnetic Induction
VI. Light
26. Properties of Light
27. Color
28. Reflection and Refraction
29. Light Waves
30. Light Emission
31. Light Quanta
VII. Atomic and Nuclear Physics
32. The Atom and the Quantum
33. Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity
34. Nuclear Fission and Fusion
VIII. Relativity
35. Special Theory of Relativity
36. General Theory of Relativity
A. Systems of Measurement
B. More About Motion
C. Graphing
D. More About Vectors
E. Exponential Growth and Doubling Time

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Conceptual Physics 12th edition by Paul G. Hewitt -Test Bank
Conceptual Physics 12th edition by Paul G. Hewitt -Test Bank

Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $44.97.

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