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Microbiology 13th Edition Tortora – Test Bank

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Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $34.97.

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Quiz Bank For Microbiology Thirteenth Edition Tortora

ISBN-10: 0134688643.

ISBN-13: 9780134688640.

Table of Contents

Section One: Basics of Microbiology

1. You and the Microscopic World

2. Elemental Ideas

3. Observation of Microscopic Organisms

4. Structural Anatomy of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

5. Microbial Biochemistry

6. Bacterial Growth

7. Microbial Development Regulation

8. Genetic Characteristics of Microbes

9. Genetic Technology and DNA Methods

Section Two: A Review of the Microscopic World

10. Categorization of Microbes

11. Cellular Organisms: Bacteria and Archaea Domains

12. Cellular Organisms: Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Worms

13. Infectious Agents: Viruses, Viroids, and Prions

Section Three: Microbe-Host Interactions

14. Fundamentals of Infections and Epidemics

15. Pathogenic Mechanisms of Microbes

16. Innate Immune System: General Defenses

17. Acquired Immune System: Specific Defenses

18. Functional Aspects of Immunology

19. Immune System Disorders

20. Antibiotics

Section Four Microbes and Human Illness

21. Skin and Eye Microbial Diseases

22. Neurological Microbial Infections

23. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Microbial Illness

24. Respiratory Microbial Infections

25. Digestive Tract Microbial Illness

26. Genitourinary Microbial Infections

Section Five: Environmental and Practical Microbiology

27. Study of Microbes in the Environment

28. Practical and Industrial Microbiology

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Microbiology 13th Edition Tortora – Test Bank
Microbiology 13th Edition Tortora – Test Bank

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $34.97.

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