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Polymer Chemistry, Third Edition

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ISBN 9781466581647

A comprehensive and expressive analysis of polymer characteristics at the molecular level, Chemistry of Polymers concentrates on fundamental principles rooted in underlying chemical compositions, polymer production, portrayal, and characteristics. It highlights the coherent advancement of ideas and offers numerical instruments as necessary in addition to entirely derived problems for complex computations.

The long-awaited Third Edition broadens and restructures materials to further cultivate chemistry of polymers ideas and update the concluding sections. New instances and problems are also highlighted throughout.

This modified version:

  • Correlates concepts from physics, biology, materials science, chemical engineering, and statistics as required
  • Integrates mathematical instruments and step-by-step derivations to illustrate problems
  • Includes new theories and experiments using the most recent tools and equipment and problems that are prominently evident in contemporary polymer science periodicals
  • The quantity of practice problems has been significantly increased, to over 350 total
  • The solved examples and illustrations have been expanded
  • Additional instances of relevant synthetic chemistry have been introduced into Chapter 2 (“Step-Growth Polymers”)
  • Additional specifics about atom-transfer radical polymerization and reversible addition/fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization have been incorporated into Chapter 4 (“Controlled Polymerization”)
  • Chapter 7 (renamed “Thermodynamics of Polymer Mixtures”) now encompasses a separate section on thermodynamics of polymer blends
  • Chapter 8 (still denoted as “Light Scattering by Polymer Solutions”) has been supplemented with a comprehensive introduction to small-angle neutron scattering



Timothy P. Lodge, Professor Regent, University of Minnesota

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Polymer Chemistry, Third Edition
Polymer Chemistry, Third Edition

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $31.97.

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