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Principles of Management for the Hospitality Industry 1st Edition

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Examine Fiscal establishment for Principles of Management for the Hospitality Sector 1st Ed

ISBN 9781856177993

It is crucial for hospitality administration college students to comprehend essential administration principles as a part of the complex and close nature of the firms business. Principles of Management for the Hospitality Sector is specifically crafted for hospitality college students who require the ability to apply administration tools and techniques to become successful hospitality managers.

By placing you at the center of an imaginary office, this book offers the opportunity to work through all the aspects of discussion for each subject. Commencing with a scenario to prompt an exploration of a given topic, every chapter concludes with the outcome of this scenario to reinforce the lessons learned throughout the chapter. Highly practical in approach, this is an updated and skillful integration of all core areas of administration. It is replete with tools and techniques to aid learning and comprehension, enabling you to:

  • enhance your professional management vocabulary with definitions in each chapter, and a comprehensive glossary of terms
  • visualize key concepts with over 100 explanatory diagrams
  • gain confidence by testing your understanding on the accompanying website
  • practical applications of theory are illustrated in global case studies throughout the book
  • discussion questions prompt an exploration of key concepts.

This title also has a companion website for educators which incorporates an Instructors’ manual, PowerPoint slides, and quizzes to aid teaching and learning.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Leadership Insight  1. Administering Hospitality Enterprises  2. Leadership Practice, Evolution and Ethics  3. Strategic Planning, Predicament Resolution, and Decisions  4. Techniques, Configuration, and Structures  Section 2 Leadership Functions  5. Operations Management; Operations Configuration and Techniques  6. Handling Human Resources  7. Managing Technology and Marketing Approaches  8. Accounting and Finance Leadership  9. Section 3 Strategic Operations  10. Tactical Efficiency Approaches  11. Tactical Expansion Approaches  12. Tactical Turnaround Approaches  Section 4 Leadership Operations  13. Leadership Awareness  14. Leadership Practice  15. Organizational Conduct & Leadership Development



Dana Tesone

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Principles of Management for the Hospitality Industry 1st Edition
Principles of Management for the Hospitality Industry 1st Edition

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $38.97.

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