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Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB Fourth Edition

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Investigate Financial institution for Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB 4th Edition

ISBN 9780367507930

The original edition of this groundbreaking and widely utilized guide introduced a comprehensive textbook on radar systems analysis and design, providing practical experience supported by its companion MATLAB® software. The guide quickly became a bestseller. Drawing from the author’s personal teaching expertise and techniques provided by various users, the 4th edition embraces a fresh approach.

The presentation in this edition guides the reader through a systematic journey featuring the different radar subsystems and components. Throughout the exploration, the various relevant radar subunits are scrutinized and discussed in great detail. Understanding the radar waveform types and their associated radar signal processing techniques are pivotal in comprehending the operational mechanisms of radar systems.

Each section furnishes the necessary mathematical and analytical coverage essential for a solid grasp of radar theory. Moreover, dedicated MATLAB® functions enhance the comprehension of the theory and establish a methodology to execute radar system analysis and design trade-offs.

The software provides users with diverse kinds of visual outputs. Additionally, a complete set of MATLAB® code generating all plots and graphs found within the pages of this textbook is also available. All associated MATLAB® code can be downloaded from the book’s website.

The 4th Edition:

  • Exploits the new features presented by MATLAB® 2021 release
  • Updates the text to a current state-of-the-art
  • Integrates many of the feedback received from users employing this guide as a reference and from practicing engineers; as a result, several chapters have been rewritten
  • Introduces unique problems not found in other texts
  • Maintains a thorough and exhaustive presentation
  • Reorganizes the presentation to be more conducive for course implementation
  • Supplies a post-course reference for engineering students transitioning into the field
  • Provides a companion solutions manual for instructors

The 4th edition will serve as an invaluable tool for students and radar engineers, helping them better analyze and comprehend the various aspects of radar systems. This guide is primarily designed as a graduate-level textbook, although certain sections may be employed for senior level courses. A companion solutions manual has been devised for use by instructors.



Bassem R. Mahafza is the president and founder of Phased n Analysis. Dr. Mahafza is acknowledged as a radar materials specialist and is widely recognized for authoring numerous critical reference and textbooks on radar systems. Dr. Mahafza has been a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) since 1984. He attained the status of a Senior IEEE member in 1994 and has recently been nominated for an IEEE Fellow. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Mahafza’s work encompasses extensive involvement in radar technology, radar design and analysis (including all sensor components), radar simulation and model design, radar signatures, and radar algorithm development. Throughout his professional career, he has supported various government organizations. Dr. Mahafza’s academic background involves developing and teaching numerous graduate and undergraduate level courses, such as random signal and noise, introduction to radar systems, advanced radar techniques, advanced signal processing. He has supervised many master’s students and several PhD candidates. During his academic tenure, his research primarily focused on advancements in radar and sensor technology. Additionally, Dr. Mahafza has conducted detailed research in Phased Array Radars, advanced Radar Signal Processing, Digital Countermeasures, and Counter Countermeasure strategies.

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Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB Fourth Edition
Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB Fourth Edition

Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.97.

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