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Connections A World History, Volume 2 4th Edition Edward H. Judge

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ISBN-13: 9780137538140

Connections: A World Historical past presents the gripping tale of how the civilizations and societies that preceded us shaped the globe. Emphasizing the primary theme of links among global societies, the authors provide a straightforward narrative that focuses on the grand scope of world history. The content is arranged both by time sequence and by overarching subjects to help you establish links among regions and eras.

The 4th Edition has been refreshed with contemporary debates to keep pace with the latest global historic interpretations. A new epilogue, Connections in a Globalizing Age, explores transnational and worldwide issues confronting the world in the twenty-first century.

Desk of Contnets


Period Three: Cross-Cultural Conflicts and Business Connections, 1000-1650
19. World Exploration and World Empires, 1400-1700


Period 4: The Shift from Regional to World Connections, 1500-1800
20. The West in an Age of Spiritual Battle and World Enlargement, 1500-1650
21. The Seek for Stability in East Asia, 1300-1800
22. Southern Asia and the World Shift in Wealth and Energy, 1500-1800
23. Africa and the Atlantic Slave Commerce, 1400-1800
24. Absolutism and Enlightenment in Europe, 1600-1789
25. Russia’s Eurasian Empire: Convergence of East and West, 1300-1800

Period 5: Revolution, Trade, Ideology, and Empire, 1750-1914
26. The North Atlantic Revolutions, 1750-1830
27. Trade, Ideology, and Their Global Influence, 1700-1914
28. Nation Building in the Americas, 1789-1914
29. New Connections and Challenges in Japanese and Southern Asia, 1800-1912
30. New Connections and Challenges in West Asia and Africa, 1800-1914

Period Six: World Upheavals and World Integration, 1900-Current
31. The Great Warfare and the Russian Revolutions, 1890-1918
32. Anxieties and Ideologies of the Interwar Years, 1918-1939
33. World Warfare II and the Holocaust, 1933-1945
34. East Versus West: The Cold Warfare and Its Aftermath, 1945-Current
35. The Upheavals of Asia, 1945-Current
36. Reform and Revolution in Latin America, 1914-Current
37. Africa Since 1919
38. The Middle East Since 1919

Epilogue: Connections in a Globalizing Age

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Connections A World History, Volume 2 4th Edition Edward H. Judge
Connections A World History, Volume 2 4th Edition Edward H. Judge

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $39.97.

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