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Immunobiology 9th Edition By Kenneth Murphy-Test Bank

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Solution Manual For Immunobiology By Kenneth Murphy 9th Edition


Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts In Immunology

The roots of vertebrate immune cells

1.1 Multiple choice: In individuals with lymphomas, the malignant cells invade the bone marrow and disrupt the milieu necessary for normal hematopoiesis. This results in bone marrow insufficiency, which hampers the production of hematopoietic cell lineages. Every one of the subsequent cell kinds would be influenced by this EXCEPT:

A. Red blood cells

B. Macrophages

C. Lymphocytes

D. Endothelial cells

E. Granulocytes

Principles of intrinsic immunity

1-1 Beneficial organisms cause minimal host harm while pathogens harm host tissues through various mechanisms

1.2 True/False: Our protection system adequately eradicates all types of microorganisms that try to inhabit our bodies.

1.3 Short answer: Pathogenic organisms induce harm to the host through various mechanisms, based on the category of the pathogen and its method of replication within the host. Provide an illustration of two distinct kinds of pathogens that are improbable to be managed by the same immune defense mechanism.

1-2 Physical and chemical obstacles serve as the initial shield against pathogens

1.4 Multiple choice: The skin and bodily emissions offer the foremost line of defense against infections. One typical response in this context during upper respiratory virus infections is:

A. Production of antibodies

B. White blood cell infiltration

C. Mucus secretion

D. Increased saliva output

E. Fever

1-3 The immune system is triggered by inflammatory stimulants indicating the existence of pathogens or tissue injury

1.5 Short answer: A typical strategy through which sensor cells in the host observe microorganisms relies on the synthesis of distinct microbial components absent in the host. Devise a tactic by which a cunning microbe could circumvent this form of response.

1.6 Multiple choice: Adaptive immune reactions require time to develop, requiring days to weeks post-exposure to achieve their maximum. However, these reactions are more specific than intrinsic responses and also create immunological remembrance. These latter characteristics, which offer enhanced safeguard upon re-infection with the same pathogen, are the foundation of:

A. Vaccines

B. Antibiotics

C. Systemic shock

D. Complement activation

E. Phagocytosis

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Immunobiology 9th Edition By Kenneth Murphy-Test Bank
Immunobiology 9th Edition By Kenneth Murphy-Test Bank

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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