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Issues in Economics Today 10th Edition By Robert Guell

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Explore the Financial institution of Ideas in Economic Studies Today 10th Edition By Robert Guell

ISBN10: 1266220623
ISBN13: 9781266220623

Guell’s Challenges in Economic Studies Today brings economic theory to life by presenting current challenges in an engaging, conversational manner. The 10th edition serves as a practical and relevant introduction for freshman survey and challenges students and upper-level policy students in other social sciences. Challenges in Economic Studies Today includes 8 extensive core theory chapters and 39 shorter challenges chapters.

Educators have the option to select the challenges of greatest interest to their students or establish a thematic course using the correlation data to organize the course around social policies, healthcare and educational policies, election year challenges, global challenges, or business challenges. This structure offers maximum flexibility for educators to establish a foundation of theory initially or directly delve into coverage of today’s current challenges. Guell’s 10th edition delivers content that is timely and relevant for students, yet adaptable enough to suit any course framework.

Table of Contents:

Challenges for Various Course Themes

Mandatory Theory Table

Chapter 1: Economic Science: The Study of Opportunity Cost

Chapter 2: Supply and Demand

Chapter 3: The Principle of Elasticity and Consumer and Producer Surplus

Chapter 4: Firm Production, Cost, and Revenue

Chapter 5: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, and Economic versus Normal Profit

Chapter 6: Every Macroeconomic Term You’ve Heard: Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Unemployment, Recession, and Depression

Chapter 7: Money, Interest Rates, and Present Value

Chapter 8: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Chapter 9: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 10: Monetary Policy

Chapter 11: Federal Expenditure

Chapter 12: Federal Deficits, Surpluses, and the National Debt

Chapter 13: The Great Recession

Chapter 14: The COVID-19 Recession

Chapter 15: Is Economic Stagnation the New Norm?

Chapter 16: Is the (Financial) Sky Falling?: An Analysis of Unfunded Social Security, Medicare, and State and Local Pension Liabilities

Chapter 17: Global Trade: Does It Endanger American Employment?

Chapter 18: Global Finance and Exchange Rates

Chapter 19: The European Union, Debt Crisis, and Brexit

Chapter 20: Economic Growth and Progress

Chapter 21: Are Trade Agreements Beneficial for Us?

Chapter 22: The Economics of Terrorism

Chapter 23: The Border between Legal and Illegal Goods

Chapter 24: Natural Resources, the Environment, and Climate Change

Chapter 25: So You Desire to Be a Lawyer: Economics and the Law

Chapter 26: The Economics of Crime

Chapter 27: Antitrust

Chapter 28: Healthcare

Chapter 29: Government-Provided Health Insurance: Medicaid, Medicare, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Chapter 30: The Economics of Prescription Medications and Vaccines

Chapter 31: The Economics of Primary and Secondary Education

Chapter 32: College Education: Why Does It Have a High Cost?

Chapter 33: The Economics of Gender, Race, and Ethnic Discrimination

Chapter 34: Earnings and Wealth Disparity: What’s Just?

Chapter 35: Agricultural Policy

Chapter 36: Minimum Wage

Chapter 37: Rent Control

Chapter 38: Poverty and Welfare

Chapter 39: Head Start

Chapter 40: Social Security

Chapter 41: Personal Income Taxes

Chapter 42: Energy Prices

Chapter 43: If We Construct It, Will They Arrive? And Other Sports Inquiries

Chapter 44: The Stock Market and Collapses

Chapter 45: Labor Unions

Chapter 46: The Economics of Major Retail: Walmart and Amazon

Chapter 47: The Economic Impact of Casino and Sports Betting

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Issues in Economics Today 10th Edition By Robert Guell
Issues in Economics Today 10th Edition By Robert Guell

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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