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Modern Principles of Economics, 5th Edition Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok

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View the Financial Establishment For Contemporary Concepts of Economics, 5e Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1319245390
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1319245399

Table of Contents

1. Essential Concepts in Economics
2. The Influence of Trade and Relative Advantage

Section 1: Supply and Demand
3. Supply and Demand
4. Market Equilibrium: How Supply and Demand Determine Prices
5. Elasticity and Its Applications
6. Levies and Grants

Section 2: The Price System
7. The Price System: Signals, Theory, and Forecast
8. Price Caps and Floors
9. Global Trade
10. Externalities: When the Price Is Not Right

Section 3: Businesses and Marketplaces
11. Costs and Profit Maximization under Competition
12. Competition and the Unseen Force
13. Monopoly
14. Price Discrimination and Pricing Strategy
15. Oligopoly and Strategic Thinking
16. Networks, Platforms, and the Economics of “Gratis Items”
17. Monopolistic Competition and Advertisement
18. Work Markets

Section 4: Government
19. Public Goods and the Tragedy of the Commons
20. Political Economy and Public Choice
21. Economics, Morals, and Public Policy

Section 5: Choice Making for Companies, Investors, and Consumers
22. Managing Incentives
23. Stock Exchanges and Personal Finances
24. Information Asymmetry: Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection
25 Consumer Selection

Section 6: Economic Development
26. GDP and the Evaluation of Progress
27. The Richness of Nations and Economic Development
28. Advancement, Capital Accumulation, and the Economics of Ideas: Catching Up vs. the Leading Edge
29. Saving, Investment, and the Financial Structure

Section 7: Business Fluctuations
30. Joblessness and Workforce Participation
31. Inflation and the Volume Theory of Money
32. Business Fluctuations: Aggregate Demand and Supply
33. Transmission and Amplification Mechanisms

Section 8: Macroeconomic Strategy and Organizations
34. The Federal Reserve System and Open Market Movements
35. Monetary Strategy
36. The Federal Budget: Duties and Expenditures
37. Fiscal Strategy

Section 9: Global Economics
38. International Finance

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Modern Principles of Economics, 5th Edition Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok
Modern Principles of Economics, 5th Edition Tyler Cowen, Alex Tabarrok

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $29.97.

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