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Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice For The LPN/LVN By Anderson’s Dahlkemper-Test Bank

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Test Bank For Nursing Guidance, Administration, and Professional Practice For The LPN/LVN By Anderson’s Dahlkemper

ISBN-10: 0803629605, ISBN-13: 978-0803629608

Chapter 1: Historical Outlook and Present Patterns

Multiple Choice
Recognize the selection that most adequately completes the statement or responds to the query.

____ 1. To what end does the nursing scholar essentially employ knowledge concerning the history of nursing?
1. To comprehend the professional alternatives accessible to the scholar
2. To avoid making errors in medication administration
3. To discern the premier locality for practice
4. To diminish the expense of delivering excellent healthcare

____ 2. The nurse, operating in an underdeveloped nation, witnesses the indigenous population engaging in lighting ritual fires and percussion on basic drums around the ailing individual to foster recuperation. What does the nurse infer this conduct to signify regarding the natives’ belief concerning sickness origin?
1. Pathogens and genetics
2. Evil spirits
3. Tides and planets
4. Plants and animals

____ 3. Who is credited with creating a documented history of healthcare procedures and eliminating the mythical element from healthcare?
1. Hammurabi
2. Florence Nightingale
3. Hippocrates
4. Apollo

____ 4. Which group acted as the initial public health caregivers, tending to the unwell and impoverished?
1. The Presbyterian Church
2. Salerno
3. Jewish scholars
4. Convent deaconesses

____ 5. What pivotal matter would the nurse addressing health matters during the late industrialization period need to tackle to enhance health?
1. Minimizing infection transmission
2. Lessening a sedentary lifestyle
3. Instructing about proper medication use
4. Educating on car seat usage

____ 6. What areas of expertise would a nursing student acquire while enrolled in the Kaiserworth Deaconess Institution in 1836?
1. Administering vaccinations
2. Providing aid in surgeries
3. Sanitizing and replacing bed linens
4. Formulating a care strategy

____ 7. How does the nurse exemplify Florence Nightingale’s nursing theory through an action?
1. Honoring the patient’s culture and integrating cultural requirements into the care plan
2. Fostering well-being and addressing sickness holistically
3. Grasping methods to encourage individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce risks
4. Teaching fellow nurses to deliver top-notch nursing care.

____ 8. What nursing practice directly results from the influence of Linda Richards?
1. Employing an antiseptic before administering injections
2. Exploring the patient’s psychosocial needs
3. Recording patient care in the medical dossier
4. Listening to a patient narrate their state

____ 9. Post nursing school graduation, if a graduate takes a licensure test, whose contribution prompted this step?
1. Florence Nightingale
2. Mary Adelaid Nutting
3. Lavinia L. Dock
4. Isabel Hampton Robb

____ 10. Besides tending to the sick, which other competencies would the initial LPN students learn while studying at the Ballard School in New York in 1893?
1. Political lobbying
2. Home management
3. Communication skills
4. Carpentry techniques

____ 11. Upon responding to a pulse oximeter alarm and observing a 38% oxygen saturation reading, the nurse notes the patient’s respiratory rate at 12 breaths per minute, pink mucous membranes, and easy regular breathing. Consequently, the nurse determines the pulse oximeter’s reading is inaccurate. Whose nursing theory does this nurse embody?
1. Annie Goodrich
2. Lillian D. Wald
3. Florence Nightingale
4. Linda Richards

____ 12. Which statement characterizes Florence Nightingale’s beliefs regarding nursing?
1. Nurses in practice should possess a license.
2. Prioritizing promoting good health and managing the ailing is central to nursing.
3. Nurses could concurrently uphold a profession and marriage.
4. Organisms are culprits behind infection.

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Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice For The LPN/LVN By Anderson’s Dahlkemper-Test Bank
Nursing Leadership, Management, and Professional Practice For The LPN/LVN By Anderson’s Dahlkemper-Test Bank

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $37.97.

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