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Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers, Nathan DeWall

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1319341020
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1319341022

Content List

Teacher Foreword

Student Introduction: Achieving Success in Psychology for Optimal Living

The Chronology of Psychology
Section 1, Defining Psychology
Critical Analysis Through Psychological Investigation
Section 2, Investigative Approaches: Surveying and Addressing Queries
Section 3, Applied Statistical Methods

The Science of the Mind
Section 4, Neurological and Endocrine Systems
Section 5, Tools for Exploration, Traditional Brain Structures, and the Limbic System
Section 6, The Cerebral Cortex

Awareness and the Dual-Mind Theory

Section 7, Foundational Awareness Principles
Section 8, Patterns of Sleep and Dreaming
Section 9, Pharmacology and Conscious Awareness

Innate Characteristics and Human Uniqueness
Section 10, Behavioral Genetics: Projecting Individual Variations
Section 11, Evolutionary Psychology: Unveiling Human Traits and Influences
Section 12, Societal and Gender Diversification: Grasping Inherent and Nurtured Traits

Progressing Throughout Life

Section 13, Evolutionary Concerns, Antenatal Development, and Infants
Section 14, Early Life Stages
Section 15, Adolescent Stage
Section 16, Adulthood

Perception and Recognition
Section 17, Basic Sensory and Perceptual Theories
Section 18, Vision: Sensory Perception and Analysis
Section 19, Additional Senses Beyond Vision

Knowledge Acquisition
Section 20, Foundational Learning Principles and Classical Conditioning
Section 21, Operant Conditioning
Section 22, Biological Influences, Cognition, and Educational Progress

Cognitive Functioning

Section 23, Acquisition and Encoding of Recollections
Section 24, Retention and Recall of Memories
Section 25, Forgetfulness, Memory Fabrication, and Enhancement of Recall

Cognitive Processes and Linguistics
Section 26, Cognitive Functionality
Section 27, Linguistic Patterns and Cognition

Intellectual Capabilities

Section 28, Defining Intellectual Capacity
Section 29 Intellectual Evaluation and Dynamics
Section 30, Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Intelligence

Motivational Forces: Appetite, Amour, Belonging, and Fulfillment
Section 31, Fundamental Motivational Theories
Section 32, Appetitive Urges
Section 33, Incentivizing Libido
Section 34, Comradeship and Fulfillment

Sentiments, Pressure, and Well-being

Section 35, Introduction to Emotional States
Section 36, Expressing Emotional Reactions
Section 37, Direct Emotional Experiences
Section 38, Pressure and Health Concerns
Section 39, Welfare and Coping Mechanisms

Community Assessments
Section 40, Group Considerations
Section 41, Social Influence
Section 42, Interpersonal Bonds
Section 43, Cooperative Connections

Individual Traits
Section 44, Kindred Traits and Psychodynamic Concepts
Section 45, Human-Centered Beliefs and Character Features
Section 46, Social-Psychological Convictions and Self-Image

Mental Conditons
Section 47, Introductory Mental Health Insights
Section 48, Anxiety-Related Conditions
Section 49, Depressive States and Bipolar Conditions
Section 50, Schizophrenic Conditions
Section 51, Dissociative, Individuality, and Eating Conditions
Section 52, Neurodevelopmental Concerns

Section 53, Therapeutic Introduction and Psychotherapeutic Approaches
Section 54, Evaluations of Psychological Therapies
Section 55, Physiological Treatments and Precaution against Psychological Distress

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Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers, Nathan DeWall
Psychology in Modules, 13th Edition David Myers, Nathan DeWall

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $29.97.

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