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Test Bank For Human Motivation 6th Edition By Robert E. Franken

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Exam Collection for Human Motivation 6th Ed By Robert E. Franken

ISBN-10: 0495090816, ISBN-13: 978-0495090816

Chapter 1

Central Themes in Motivation Studies

Overview: This chapter aims to achieve two main objectives: (1) outlining the key concepts or themes that drive contemporary theories and investigations in the field of motivation, and

(2) succinctly revisiting the significant aspects and considerations of earlier theories that have influenced the evolution of motivation as we perceive it today. Motivation scholars posit that each action has a root cause. Theories of motivation can act as practical guidelines that focus the exploration for triggers.

The most appealing theories are those able to explain the most facts using the fewest concepts possible. However, endeavors to provide concise causal explanations for human motivation have often fallen short or resulted in oversimplification and eventual reduction in a theory’s explanatory capability.

This was the destiny of certain classical theories discussed in this chapter. Conversely, the theories of the past have contributed a significant set of psychological constructs that now form an essential part of contemporary thinking on motivation. Today, like in yesteryears, motivation theories chiefly focus on pinpointing the origins of behavior arousal, direction, and persistence. However, unlike some of the earlier theorists examined in this chapter,

modern theorists explore a wider range of causes, investigating the potential influences of biological, learning, and cognitive mechanisms on human motivation. Other considerations and issues shaping current perspectives include: (a) the belief that all behavior is an endeavor to adapt; (b) the necessity to offer causal accounts for individual discrepancies in motivation; (c) evaluating the restrictions of human volition or willpower; and (d) assessing the feasibility of governance over our actions through self-regulation.

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Test Bank For Human Motivation 6th Edition By Robert E. Franken
Test Bank For Human Motivation 6th Edition By Robert E. Franken

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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