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Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank

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Exam Bank For Science Integration 7th Edition By Bill Tiller

Chapter 1 The Essence of Science

1) Mass property signifies the heaviness of an object.

2) A referential point denotes an object familiar enough to illustrate a characteristic of a different object.

3) Pseudoscience is consistently employed for deceptive purposes.

4) An iron piece weighing 100 g possesses twice the volume of a 50 g iron piece.

5) A kilogram measures the mass of 1000 cm3 of water.

6) The density of a 100 g iron piece is double that of a 50 g iron piece.

7) A scientific principle outlines the behavior of specific elements in nature.

8) The symbol ∝ implies “directly proportional to”

9) A theory represents a hypothesis substantiated by numerous experiments.

10) The symbol “∆” signifies the density of an object.

11) Equations are utilized to
A) delineate a characteristic.
B) establish a concept.
C) represent how quantities change simultaneously.
D) All choices are accurate.

12) Measured attributes with varying values at different instances are
A) a consequence of measurement inaccuracies.
B) unattainable.
C) termed variables.
D) termed scientific anomalies.

13) In this context, the equation V = tk is applied to illustrate the correlation between a gas tank’s volume and the time it takes to fill it. The symbol “k”
A) has units of min/gal.
B) is a variable.
C) is a constant of proportionality.
D) hinges on the time duration.

14) When two variables rise or fall in the same proportion, they
A) are directly proportional.
B) are inversely proportional.
C) may purely have numerical value.
D) should possess both value and units.

15) Measurement involves comparing a ________ with a clearly defined ________.
A) discovery; outcome
B) unit; point of reference
C) characteristic; point of reference
D) outcome; variable

16) Which of the following is not a primary attribute?
A) distance
B) mass
C) duration
D) weight

17) If a Jello cube is halved, which property remains unchanged when comparing the initial piece with one of the new pieces?
A) mass
B) volume
C) density
D) surface area

18) When direct observation is unattainable, representation can be achieved through a
A) hypothesis.
B) graph.
C) model.
D) theory.

19) Which metric system measure employs an object as a referential point?
A) distance
B) weight
C) duration
D) charge

20) Volume property quantifies
A) the amount of substance an object holds.
B) the density of substance in a given area.
C) the scope of an object’s surface.
D) the space occupied by an object.

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Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank
Integrated Science 7th Edition By Bill Tiller-Test Bank

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $24.97.

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