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Psychology in Asia An Introduction 1st Edition by Catherine Tien – Test Bank

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Exam Collection For Psychology in Asia A Brief Overview 1st Edition by Catherine Tien

Psychology in Asia: A Brief Overview serves as an introductory handbook on psychology and human behavior with an emphasis on Asia. The primary objective of this book is to present an overview of the fundamental principles of psychology. While its coverage is similar to other publications on the market, the examples and chapters are tailored to resonate with students in Asia, connected to the region’s heritage and history.
The manual delves into crucial aspects of psychology such as individuality, human growth, mental disorders, gender and sensuality, affect, and uplifting psychology. It does not seek to redefine the essence of learning and teaching introductory psychology. Nevertheless, every section will be supplemented by information relevant to the Asian cultural setting: novel topics comprise the Principles of Asian Psychology and Asian Philosophies and Behavior. Students will explore core subjects and classical studies originating from the Occident, but do so alongside the profound impact that Asian psychology offers to this domain.

NOTABLE CHARACTERISTICS Assists students in acquainting themselves with the key terminology clarified in the page margins. Encompasses educational aids like boxes outlining theoretical and technical terminologies. Fosters proactive learning and analytical thinking through exercises in each chapter. Provides valuable resources such as research queries, chapter synopses, and citations to scholarly articles that facilitate further study. Deepens students’ comprehension of the concepts imparted through the authors’ user-friendly pedagogical writing style and vivid illustrations interspersed throughout all chapters.

CONTENT OUTLINE Foreword Acknowledging the Editor
Chapter 1 Preface: An Introduction to Psychology Chapter 2 Techniques of Inquiry and Data Analysis: Enhancing the Credibility of Psychology Chapter 3 Origins of Asian Psychology: Asia’s Position in Global Psychology Chapter 4 Innate Psychology Chapter 5 Awareness: Perceptual and Cognitive Processes Chapter 6 Instruction and Recollection: Assimilation and Retention of Novel Details Chapter 7 Drives and Sentiments: Steering Our Actions Chapter 8 Human Progression: Nurturing Our Identity Chapter 9 Sexuality and Gender Chapter 10 Nature: Evaluation, Formation, and Expansion Chapter 11 Mental Conditions Chapter 12 Therapeutic Approaches: Coping with Mental Instability Chapter 13 Society and Behavioral Norms Chapter 14 Psychological Well-being Chapter 15 Favorable Psychology: Cultivating a Fulfilling Existence Chapter 16 Asian Psychological Principles Chapter 17 Psychology in Professional Settings: Roles of Psychology Graduates Chapter 18 Forthcoming Directions: The Evolutionary Path of Psychology Glossary Citations Solutions to Veracity Quizzes Image Index Topic Index

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Psychology in Asia An Introduction 1st Edition by Catherine Tien – Test Bank
Psychology in Asia An Introduction 1st Edition by Catherine Tien – Test Bank

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $69.97.

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